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Gettysburg’s Finest

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Civil War Memorabilia

Check out our Civil War era bullets, collection of early photographs and elegant reproductions. Find these items in our store, or discover a complete selection online at our Heartfelt History website!

Historical Souvenirs in Gettysburg

Your one stop shop for Gettysburg magnets, keychains, drinkware, postcards, backscratchers and Lincoln gifts. Shop online for even more selection!

Books About Gettysburg & The Civil War

Books on the Battle of Gettysburg, Joshua Chamberlain, Women in The Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Quotes of Grant and Lee, Harper’s Weekly Sampler, vintage books and more! Visit our online store for even more book choices!

The Gettysburg Gift Shop is a

must-visit destination for Gettysburg visitors and history enthusiasts!

Whether you’re visiting the nearby Gettysburg Battlefield, the National Cemetery, or simply enjoying the town’s rich history, our shop is conveniently situated to offer you a unique selection of historical souvenirs and memorabilia.

With ample parking available and located within walking distance of Gettysburg’s major attractions, the Gettysburg Gift Shop from Heartfelt History is an ideal spot to find meaningful keepsakes that capture the spirit of this historic town.

Historical Gifts at the Gettysburg Gift Shop

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American History Gifts and Souvenirs in Gettysburg

High Quality American Flags: Made in the USA, Portraits of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Founding Father Quill ink and medallion sets, Elegant Framed American Documents and Document Sets. Early American Currency and coin replica sets.

Can’t make it to our store? Shop online at Heartfelt History and we’ll ship your historical gifts to your door.

Located in the heart of historic Gettysburg

The Gettysburg Gift Shop is located at
327 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg PA 17325.

Our store is conveniently located along
US Business Route 15, close to the Shriver House Museum and Mr. G’s Ice Cream.