Amanda Zook Collins

About Amanda Zook Collins

I am proud to say I am a graduated homeschool student of the Mason Dixon Homeschool High School Diploma program. My diploma is far from simple as my extra curricular studies in history, art and public speaking, carries the weight of bachelors degree. I have spent my life since the age of 9 studying the Civil War particularly Gettysburg. I have joined with my husband and good friend to start the company Historical Journeys, where we focus on bringing American History to life with hands-on programming. My homeschool education taught me all too well to appreciate a hands-on education and now I have a passion for doing all I can to give that experience to others. I "eat, sleep and breathe" American History. I am ever so excited to have this blog project to work on, and I hope to inspire others with the study I've done and the history I can share, to connect with your patriotic heritage! Don't just visit Gettysburg next time, experience it!


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