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Special Event – April 26th – “Do you believe in ghosts?”

There are thousands of photos taken every year. Paranormal investigations happen daily, ghost tours and walks are available at many of the gift shops in town, Gettysburg has been the feature in many tv shows for over a decade. But do you believe in ghosts? The citizens who lived here in 1863 did. The soldiers themselves who fought in this Battle believed they would wonder this field for all eternity. Families during the Civil War had a strong respect of the human soul and took death very seriously. There were mourning customs and practices that had been passed down for generations. Funerals were no simple task back then. A person would be laid out in their own bed, in the home for days or weeks before being placed in a casket and put into the ground. The entire house was redecorated while the deceased was[...]

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In Honor of Womanhood

Artwork of Eve Wikipedia public domain As we honor women, in the month of March, and being a woman myself, I'd like to start at the very beginning. The dawn of time, upon the creation of women. Whether you are a professed Christian or not, everyone knows the story in the Holy Bible as it reads in the book of Genesis. God created the heavens and the earth, the creatures to walk upon the earth, and as it goes on. His final creation was Adam, because God wanted a human companion to have conversations with. This means that even for God himself a puppy simply wasn't good enough, he needed human interaction. After Adam's creation, he then looks at God and asks for his own companion because for Adam, puppies, kitties, and male comradery wasn't good enough. Adam desired something softer, sweeter, a companion and a helpmate to be[...]

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Little Round Top A Story

Today's view of Little Round Top's rocky slopes On your next Gettysburg Journey, we invite you to join the fight on Little Round Top. The battle here begins on July 1st, when two commanders receive word that the armies have been engaged in battle, in the small town of Pennsylvania, named Gettysburg. Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, 20th Maine USA, still in Maryland with his troops, is now preparing a forced march to Gettysburg. Equally, Col. William C. Oates, 15th Alabama CSA, has just heard the news that a battle has begun, north of the Mason Dixon Line, and he urges his troops forward. Both of these officers will march their men overnight, July 1st, so they can be engaged at Gettysburg. A journey, by foot, taking hours through the night, that will take them over 10 miles, not stopping for food, water or rest. They continue ever[...]

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A Gettysburg Story

A GETTYSBURG STORY ONE OF MANY HORRIFYINGLY TRUE TALES FROM EYE WITNESS ACCOUNTS THAT WILL TUG AT YOUR HEARTSTRINGS I would like to bring you today, accounts from the well-known, and very bloody, Pickett's Charge of the Battle of Gettysburg. The story you are about to read is a true account, from this historian's research and study of eyewitness accounts. The images were all gathered from the Library of Congress or taken personally of the Battlefield. Some of these images are beautiful, others pay homage to the dead, and the dreadful scenes produces from war. Let us begin, by painting the picture. You are about to embark on a historical journey today, you will go back in time to July 3rd 1863, and are now standing upon the ground that became known as the High Water Mark, then known as the Union Center. Here is[...]

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I would like to introduce you to Bruce Kottke. Born and raised in the state of Minnesota, Bruce always had a passion for the Civil War, in particular Gettysburg. Researching the Battle for over 40 years, Bruce moved here over a decade ago simply to live in the town so full of the history he has become a master study of. It was 2 years ago that Bruce and I together started the company called Historical Journeys. Originally planning to be just a simple tour company, we have grown into being your welcome party when you arrive in Gettysburg. We have dedicated the growth of Historical Journeys to customize hands-on experiences for visitors of all ages. Planning out entire day long field trips, in town and on the Battlefield. We offer a group camping location on historic property, and we are here to help you plan your visit to Gettysburg[...]

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A Gettysburg Journey

A Gettysburg Journey My name is Amanda Zook Collins. I have been actively researching the Battle of Gettysburg since I was 9 years old. I had the privilege of being homeschooled, and this granted me access to so many opportunities to develop myself into the person I have become today. My mother focused very hard on making my home education hands on. Which means our family vacations each year coincided with our school studies. […]

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