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As we honor women, in the month of March, and being a woman myself, I’d like to start at the very beginning. The dawn of time, upon the creation of women. Whether you are a professed Christian or not, everyone knows the story in the Holy Bible as it reads in the book of Genesis. God created the heavens and the earth, the creatures to walk upon the earth, and as it goes on. His final creation was Adam, because God wanted a human companion to have conversations with. This means that even for God himself a puppy simply wasn’t good enough, he needed human interaction. After Adam’s creation, he then looks at God and asks for his own companion because for Adam, puppies, kitties, and male comradery wasn’t good enough. Adam desired something softer, sweeter, a companion and a helpmate to be the world’s busiest zookeeper. So, God gave Adam, Eve. And they lived happily ever after……well not really, most will know the story goes on that Eve found herself tempted by Satan. And most everyone knows what happened after that. Has anyone ever wondered why the Devil chose to tempt Eve and not Adam? I’ve asked myself this question many times over the years, and I’ve settled on the personal decision that Satan wasn’t stupid. He knew that Eve was the supportive strength that Adam depended on in order for him to do the job he was tasked with by the Almighty Himself. Without Eve, Adam wouldn’t be the same man. If you can take down the woman, you stand a good chance to bring the down the man she supports along with her. It’s a military tactic, take down the foundation of a structure and the structure will collapse. At dawn of the earth’s creation, it was clearly established (in my opinion) woman weren’t the focal point of creation, but they were the obvious support that kept the whole world flowing.

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As the story of the world progressed through the centuries, woman held a constant position in the background. We were the homemakers, the caretakers, the mother’s, the wives, sometimes the victims and the abused. But again, like Satan tempting Eve over Adam, evil knew from day one, we were the supportive strength men needed to survive, so of course we would be the primary target. Womanhood is not an easy thing, it’s an endless job, both day and night. Women spent hard laboring hours to care for a home, days before vacuum cleaners and stovetop ovens made life quite difficult. Days before pain relievers and maternity wards made childbearing itself outrageous (thank you progress for such luxuries before I became a mother!) And yet even though women had that common place in the home, on average, you had some women whose names went down in history. Such as Cleopatra! Queen of Egypt, meeting Julius Caesar himself and travelling to Rome to lead and support her countries best interests. Joan of Arc, a woman not afraid to wear the most uncomfortable armor of medieval era to lead and support her country. Queen Elizabeth the first, struggled through much debate within her country until they finally decided that “hey, a queen won’t be so bad, we’ve had an endless run of kings let’s try having a queen.” One woman at a time, as the world wrote a history for itself, women started to pop up here and there by name and title and were doing something besides being a wife and mother.

Here in the United States, before we were our own country, you had the first of patriotic womanhood. The ever so American famous Betsy Ross. Doing what women do, supporting the men and being domestic, she stitched together the flag that our fighting men rallied behind, and boom a Nation is born. Thank you women!

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Here in the great US of A we have countless historical female figures who have helped shape this Nation into the world power we are so proud to be. I would like to take the time to name a few that you may or may not have heard of before. Mary Elizabeth Walker, born and raised in New England, her father a medical doctor by trade she aspired to be one herself when she grew up. Becoming the second female to graduate medical school just before the Civil War began. Wanting to do her patriotic duty she desperately tried to get an army medical commission and failed because the army would only commission men to be medical officers. Instead of going home to roll bandages and pray with the other women of her day, she took off on foot and travelled around from battlefield to battlefield. Working as an unpaid medical surgeon, tending to both Union and Confederate soldiers, but most importantly giving medical care to the civilians caught in the crossfire of these battles that the army tended to overlook because they focussed on men in uniform. Captured behind enemy lines, sent to prison, she became ill and partially blind. Tending to her own health care, she maintained her eyesight fairly well and regained her health. Several years after the war had ended, she was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for her unpaid patriotic medical services rendered during the war. And today is still to date the only female to receive this award of honor.

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Marjorie Merriweather Post, daughter of C. W. Post, founder of one of America’s most famous breakfast cereal companies. Inherited her father’s company upon his death in 1914. Working against the odds of the board who weren’t all too happy to have a woman for a boss, she expanded the company well beyond breakfast cereal. Her ambition lead the company to purchasing other companies and becoming a food power in the USA. Bringing names such as, Bird’s Eye frozen foods, Maxwell House, Jell-O and Hellman’s Mayonnaise. With her ever growing wealth, she donated funds to the Boys Scouts of America, opened Salvation Army food banks during the Depression, and shipped food oversees during both World Wars. She was one of the first three recipients of the Silver Fawn Award in 1971.

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Betty James, wife of the man who created the slinky. Found herself standing in the living room one day when her husband informed her she felt called to be a missionary and was leaving at that very moment. Wished her and the children well and told her she could do with the company as she pleased. Instead of giving up, this mother of 6 was one of the first companies to create a “jingle” add on tv and radio. Today many will recall the slinky song that I’m sure many of you grew up with. And we all have played with one of these simple and fun toys in our lives. It could have all disappeared in 1960 if this brave woman wasn’t willing to step up to the plate. She passed away in 2008, but we will have slinky forever!

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Women all over the world, for centuries have been making a difference, they just don’t always get credit for it. Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross and was one of the first to work towards an organized nursing corp. In the United States nursing was nonexistent before the Civil War, and against the man’s opinion women north and south showed up and got to work caring for wounded and assisting to bury the dead. But that wasn’t all they did. Countless woman equally wanted to serve their country, yet a female soldier was unheard of and NOT permitted. So, you had Vandiveres who fought in blue and gray. These women made their own uniforms, took to the battlefields alongside men, they were the first line of medical assistance and triage while bullets whizzed past their heads. The amazing efforts made by women during the Civil War were completely volunteer, never paid a dime by the government, most all of them were totally unrecognized for their efforts. Yet without them, the number of men who may have died without care on a battlefield could potentially be countless.

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To all the young girls out there, and to their mothers and grandmother, to any great grandmothers who are still with us today, from my heart I’d like to say this. Womanhood is a challenge that grows harder with each passing day. However, from the dawn of creation woman have been blessed with power and strength that sets us apart from men for a very good reason. Allow me to give you some quotes spoken to me as a young girl by women who have survived the Depression and both World Wars, “A man is only as strong as the woman who stands behind him.” ” A woman can do anything a man can do, but unlike men, woman can do it with grace in a skirt.” We exist on earth for a very special reason. It all began with Adam seeking his own companion. As the first woman on Eve, made mistakes yes, but she kept on picking herself back up each day, giving birth to two sons and helping Adam take care of creation. Like Eve, women receive a massive amount of criticism and are the rear end of jokes in society. However, if there had been no Eve, there would be no humanity. It takes two to create life. Women, you and I are going to get the short of the stick, we are going to be told we aren’t good enough or it’s “not a place for a woman” but that’s ok. WE have one of the most unique and amazing places in this world. We are the strength and backbone of all humanity. Only a woman can be a mother (my grandmother used to love to joke about how quickly humanity would have died with Adam had man been tasked by the creator to give birth) As mothers it’s our special responsibility to be homemakers and caretakers, equally we have careers and change history. Wives are their husband’s best friends whom they cannot live without. Daughters are their father’s pride and joy. Women come in all shapes, sizes, colors and personalities. Some are the bell of the ball, others are rough and tumble, some work farms, others are industrial women. We can be dirty, tough and hang out with the guys, or we can be the prom queens that everyone stops to stare at. Women have the power to silence a room, break up a fight, and drop the mike at the end of a debate. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you’re limited to being a “girl” you can be whomever you’d like to be and you have more strength inside you then you realize, it was given to you at birth. I would like to close this tribute to womanhood with a quote from one of America’s well known, famous beauty queens. “I don’t mind it being a man’s world, provided I can be the woman in it.” -Marylin Monroe